The Cargo Tracking Note is an accurate, reliable and objective analysis instrument for import and export flows within multiple African states. Beside, the revenues collected are reinjected into their strategic and territorial development. They stimulate the Sea Freight and the local inflation market.

The CTN presents all details of shipping, such as the bill of lading number, the description of the cargo, the parties involved (Importer, Exporter, Freight Forwarder, Shipping Company), the value of the goods, etc. Once the draft is approved and all fees are paid, the certificate is attributed an URN number. This URN number appears on the bill of lading and is often required by customs at the port of delivery.

The CTN endorses the optimization of marine operations and tracking of freight. It allows African states and players of the trade chain to benefit from reliable information, major monetary profit and to anticipate the time of arrival of the shipment. The CTN offers to African authorities an harmonization of their Import/Export strategies and a forecast of cargo flows.

The exporter or his forwarder can request the CTN and endorse its cost at the port of loading. If the exporter delegates the task, the importer will have to endorse the cost of the CTN and the regularisation. However, I.B.B strongly advises you to take out the CTN before the goods leave the port of loading as the prices at destination are more expensive.


The certificates may bear different names. Here is a list of the certificates and their matching countries: