“Your time is precious, we know it!”

You export in one or several African countries; there is no need to contact the various actors according to each country to obtain your certificate:

  • We will be your a single entry point to obtain and validate your certificate/Waiver.

  • We work with governmental authorities, African port authorities, Shippers’ Council, authorized representatives for CTN validation.

  • Upon receipt of all required documents, we will send the draft of the certificate in 24H and the validated certificate in 72H.

  • Our procedure is simple:


  • I.B.B is an autonomous organization in the establishment of the BSC/CTN certificate for several African countries.

  • I.B.B is neither a freight nor custom agent but it is a broker working in partnership with all stakeholders in the transport chain. We enable you to focus on your core business by making it easier for you to obtain the certificate.


  • Companies wishing to provide support to their export team (either due to a lack of staff or internal expertise), to simplify the process to obtain the waiver certificate.

  • Freight forwarders wishing to delegate the part of the process to establish the Waiver certificate.

  • Companies seeking to optimize their CTN costs, with regular or “one shot” exports to several African countries.

  • Companies with episodic high-volume projects, such as deliveries to a large-scale construction site.

  • African/European companies wishing to simplify and insure the search for suppliers by finding a network and benefiting from transport expertise to Africa/Europe.